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Flower  Arranging  is  a recent art, if  we mean by it, the one codified by Constance Spry  in 1920.
In Italy  the interest  towards it began around the Sixties of the past century, when short courses of  Flower Arranging  were organized  in Milan, Genoa, Florence and Rome.
There were different teachers like Camilla Malvasia, Mary Scott  Orsman and Julia Clements who is very well known in Italy for her numerous publications.
In 1962 Ida Noble Borletti published  “Flowers in the House”

Rosnella Cajello Fazio founded the Italian School of Flower Arrangement in 1967, in Sanremo, where she organized five-year courses about history, techniques and aesthetics of flower arrangements.

She created the Modern Italian style and introduced the ancient style based only on Italian art.

In 1986, the School changed in I.I.D.F.A. to face up to the new demands.
I.I.D.F.A. continues the tradition of the School: promotes courses, exhibitions, demonstrations, meetings and organizes workshops and examinations for teachers, demonstrators and national and international judges.
I.I.D.F.A. is one of the founders of the World Association of Flower Arrangers (WAFA).

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