WAFA Dublino 2014-ing


The conclusion of the Wafa Events organized in Dublin (Ireland), has been the great International Show with the participation of the very best world Flower Artists. Our Institute has achieved a remarkable series of results like the great success obtained   by the  modern  Honorary Exhibit made by our International Judge, Teacher and Member of the I.I.D.F.A.  Board: Cristina Zanobini and the very innovative Flower Demonstration executed by Magda Trucchi.






CRISTINA ZANOBINI – Composizione Onoraria – Edfa Genova



MAGDA TRUCCHI –Dimostratrice – Edfa Imperia




Categoria: Quietude  






CARLA BARBAGLIA – Edfa Savona - 2° premio







ANNAMARIA ROSSINI –  Edfa Savona -3° premio – Categ: Winter Solstice


PAOLA DAGNINO – Edfa Genova - 3° premio – Categ:  Living Art


LUCIANA D’AMORE Edfa Genova – Menzione – Categ:  Winter Solstice



































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